Bungarribee Super Park

Terrigal Public School

St Aloysius Catholic Primary School

Story Telling Chair

Just completed – Storytelling Chair for a kindergarten!

Importing play equipment?

  Importing play equipment?   Why not support local industry, and get your play equipment locally made. Many people are buying imported “natural play equipment”, and having trouble installing it, as natural timber can be hard to work with – and must be put together the way it was intended by the original builders and […]

Process – Building a beautiful timber creature

Why are our timber creatures so visually appealing? What many people don’t realise is that the team at Timber Creations spend a lot of time looking at timber. … Well, that might seem obvious actually, but I mean before we even think about the building part! The right piece for the right project can be […]



School Fence & Outdoor Stairs

Fence and timber steps for Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School             Schools need fences and steps, but these sure beat the traditional concrete!! Beautiful, visually interesting elements that are in harmony with the trees around make a huge impact on the ambiance of a school environment. These students won’t feel like they’re trapped […]