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Lizard Log

Overview of play area




 Play Area:

 Lizard Log


 Bossley Park, NSW


 The Western Sydney Parkland Trust




 Fiona Robbé


 Balance Challenge, Lizard, Climbing  Challenge, Seating




The Pimelea Park upgrade was a fantastic project. The timber used to make this amazing playscape came from trees within the park itself that were dying.                      


These trees were estimated to be in excess of 80 years old. The idea for this play environment was to connect and follow the natural beauty to the rhythms of the wood. This can be seen in the unique twists and shapes that dictate what was designed into the unique learn and play timber elements.


The playground was crafted with a lot of thought, care and collaboration to create an extraordinary outdoor play space for children, where they can interact with nature as they discover themselves and the world around them.

Old tree in Pimelea Park    Fallen Log   



Balance Posts



               Lizard Log (Pimelea Park) was named as the No.3 top kid's playground by the Daily Telegraph in December 2010.


Pimelea Park was renamed 'Lizard Log' after the much loved Timber Creations Creature made from the local tree.



                 Lizard Log Element                 Lizard Log