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About Us

Andrew Smith Timber Creations Pty Ltd are nature playground specialists.

Our small, highly specialised team work in the beautiful Central Coast, NSW, in a joint workshop and design office. Here we are able to effectively use art and construction together to create beautiful and functional play pieces, for inclusive, large-scale playground designs. All our play elements are made from local, sustainably sourced, recycled timber and made to commercial play equipment standards for public use.


Andrew Smith



Andrew Smith is an Australian timber sculptor, carpenter and playground artist, who has been working with timber for almost all his life.

His family has a rich history in work with timber, and he shares this passion. He has found that bringing the natural aesthetics of native materials to his work adds something that uniform manufacturing could never achieve.


His experience as an educator has helped him to gain an understanding of children’s requirements for successful development; particularly the importance of a connection with nature and the benefit of imaginative natural play, which is reflected in his work.

After 25 years of both teaching and creating sculptural timber installations, he established Timber Creations, combining his passion for timber, education, and creative, original design and artistry.

Madelyn Smith


Playspace Designer & Art Director

Madelyn Smith is an artist, designer, and educator, with a keen interest in nature play.

With a Bachelor of Fine Art / Bachelor of Teaching and a Masters in Educational Studies from the University of Newcastle, she is well aware of how interesting and thoughtful design contributes to engaging and imaginative play for children.

Madelyn’s expertise is in designing and drawing; helping clients and customers visualize what the finished product will look like, and how their playspace can be transformed with practical works of art in a cohesive design, with limitless play benefit.


She works together with the clients, customers and sculptors, to ensure a holistic approach to the design and creation, and advises on creative decisions throughout the whole process.


Our Team

Our team consists of artists, craftsmen, tradesmen and children’s education experts; placing us in a uniquely excellent position to keep children’s safety and learning at the core of our design – while creating play based designs that are truly engaging and imaginatively stimulating.

We have extensive experience working with architects, designers, local councils, schools and preschools to create much loved natural play spaces.

Timber Creations Paul on the Mill

Paul O'Connell (Log Conversion and Timber Milling) 

Pictured Left:

Back row from left: Madelyn Smith (Art Director), Neville Pahl (Timber Artist), Vicki Bacon-Keats (Timber Artist), Adam Jolly (Workshop Manager)

Middle Row: Karen Smith (Admin Manager & First Aid Officer), Mark Stockwell (Timber Artist), Andrew Smith (Director)

Front Row: Michael Preston (Admin Manager), Paul O'Connell (Log Conversion and Timber Milling)

Our Mission

Andrew Smith Timber Creations Pty Ltd are creators of unique timber nature playgrounds.

Our company is 100% Australian, and all our products are created with locally sourced recycled timber.

Our playspaces cater for children of all ages by supplying natural, functional timber creations that encourage exploration, develop imagination, and challenge fitness.

The timbers we select have a significant history, character and durability, and are shaped by highly skilled craftsmen into playground elementsthat are also unique works of art.

Our focus is to create playgrounds that make a significant contribution to the development of children, while fostering a love of the beauty of Australian timbers.

Our products have a distinctive natural Australian look which is highly valued by collectors for its aesthetic, as well as its connectivity to nature.

The success of our work can be judged by observing children in parks and playgrounds
joyfully exploring our creations and finding imaginative ways to engage with the designs.

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