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Each of our creations comes with a safety guarantee.
Each piece we design, build and install is done in accordance to the Australian Standards for Playgrounds AS4685 series, and are reviewed by an internal play equipment auditor with the AHCPGD305 certification. 

We often work closely with Kidsafe, and work by Timber Creations was featured in the Kidsafe NSW demonstration playground as an example of creative play elements that adhere to national playground safety standards.

The play areas we work on are usually inspected by an industry professional who assesses any risk and provides a report on the area. If need be, we are then able to make further adjustments based on this advice, in order to ensure the playground is suitable for children of the appropriate ages.

Timber is a fantastic material for playgrounds, and when properly prepared, treated and maintained will last longer than almost any other material!

Plastics harden and become brittle as they wear, causing cracks and breaks that have the potential to injure and cut skin. As wood wears it becomes softer, and can last for more than twice as long as other materials before it requires servicing.

Kidsafe has created a publication with information for using timber in playspaces; which can be found here.

For detailed information on playground equipment safety regulations, visit the Kidsafe website.

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