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Grants & Funding

Grants and funding are obtainable from a variety of sources.

Have a look at the Parliamentary Quick Guide which contains links to Government and Non-Government grant providers.

You can search and apply for existing grants or find information on how to apply for funding at

School Playgrounds

There are a variety of different grants available for which your playspace may be eligible.

For example; Central Coast Steiner school received an Eco School Grant to go towards the construction of their natural outdoor gym made from recycled timber.

The Lisarow High school fitness centre constructed by Timber Creations was funded by the Federal Government’s Healthy Active Australia Schools Grant through the Department of Health and Aging. Though this specific program was completed in 2016, there are similar initiatives popping up all the time, so keep an eye out!

Natural Spaces – Environmental

If you are hoping to preserve a natural space for students to enjoy, you can create a sense of space with the incorporation of natural timber elements, such as a framed outdoor learning area, veggie gardens and digging patches, for which environmental grants can be obtained.

For information on applying for environmental grants go to:

For more grants for creating natural learning areas, visit:

Indigenous Heritage

There are also many government grants available for indigenous heritage and cultural recognition, and your school can be funded for carved native creatures, signs and other elements.
Andrew also offers design workshops, where he will work directly with students and/or other community groups to help design and build so that they are involved with the process.

It is important that you have endorsement from your local and/or regional Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), so get in touch with these groups first.

Visit the Government site for Indigenous Affairs for some information on this type of grant.

There are many flexible grants for child development, welfare and fitness, so stay informed on both government and non-government initiatives,
and you are sure to find something, or someone that can help!

Contact your local members and councils for more information on grants.

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