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Central Coast Steiner School
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Open-Ended Play for Creative Minds 

Central Coast Rudolph Steiner School successfully applied for the Ecoschool grant for a natural playground.

They wanted a natural timber playground that could be used creatively, in as many ways as the students could imagine!

The students helped in the construction of their own playground when Andrew presented a workshop on sanding and polishing; and the results are fantastic!

Designed, built and constructed by Timber Creations in conjunction with the school and students, this playground is now 5 years old and still going strong, very popular and able to cater for a huge number of students of all different ages.


  • Raised deck

  • rope net hangout

  • rope climb

  • log weave

  • log walk between deck and nets

  • timber and sandstone retaining wall

Children playing on the climber
Challenging Climber
Sandstone and Timber Retaining Wall
Children playing on the climber
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