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Lizard Log Playground
Pimelea (5).jpg
Sydney's Original Nature Playground

The old Pimelea Park had condemned Greybox trees, which were dying and had become dangerous. 

These trees were estimated to be in excess of 80 years old, and the community was sad to see them go. So a rescue operation was conceived - re-purpose the trees for play!


The idea for this play environment was to connect and follow the natural beauty to the rhythms of the wood. This can be seen in the unique twists and shapes, that dictated the design of the unique play elements.

The playground was crafted with a lot of thought, care and collaboration to create an extraordinary outdoor play space for children, where they can interact with nature as they discover themselves and the world around them.

Designed by award winning playspace designer Fiona Robbé, and constructed by Timber Creations, this is one of the best playgrounds in Australia.


  • Natural log adventure play area to climb over, under, and through, balance, jump and explore

  • Lizard log - the favourite feature that was a name changer for the park!

  • Tree sculpture rope climb

  • Train seats for play and rest

  • Rope features for free, experimental play opportunities


Awards :

- AILA Australia’s Best Playground Award – ACT/NSW Category 2016

- Premier’s People’s Choice Award for Landscape Architecture 2012​
- Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA) NSW Award for Design 2013

Log balance
Rope climb
Car Bench
Andrew enjoying the Rope Climb
Lizard Log Park Opening
Balance Challenge and Shipping Rope
Balance challenge and steppers
Balance Challenge and Rope Climb
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