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Thornleigh West Public School
A Playscape of Epic Proportions

Spanning a large section of the school grounds, the discovery playground at Thornleigh West is an incredible site that can be used by hundreds of children at once.


A "playscape" is a playground with an integrated design of play equipment, where it is difficult to tell where the playground starts and ends, encouraging nature play and blending seamlessly with the environment.


The careful placement of the elements at Thornleigh West Public School turn the whole space into an interactive play environment - where children not only play with the equipment, but imaginatively play with the surrounding environment as well.

Starting with an active play area with climbing, balancing and fitness challenges for Years 3-6, the Timber Creations team designed and installed a softfall mulch area within a sandstone and log retaining wall that blends seamlessly with the natural grounds. This area features monkey holds, climbing totems, wobbly balance pommels, shipping rope crossing, stilts and many different natural log balance elements.

Nestled among the trees is a more passive discovery playspace for all ages, featuring imaginative play opportunities. Students can gather leaves, bark and other natural materials to experiment with at the mud kitchen, then sell their creations from the shop cubby to customers who can dine at the mushroom table!


  • Active Play fitness area with softfall mulch and sandstone and log retaining wall

  • Friendly snake play sculpture

  • Imaginative creature play sculpture

  • Storytelling area with log seating and a big throne storytelling chair

  • Teepee cubby

  • Playful buggy car

  • Cafe area with mushroom table and shop front

  • Boat play structure with cabin cubby and steering wheel

  • Mud kitchen


Complete playground designed, built and installed by Timber Creations

Overview of playground
Fitness Trail
Teepee and Buggy
Snake Play Sculpture
Throne and Teepee
Fitness Trail
Inside the Shop Cubby
Imaginative Creature
Fitness Trail
Mud Kitchen
Inside the Boat Cabin
Storytelling Throne Chair
Climbing Totems in Active Play Area
Buggy Car
Shop and Mushrooms
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