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Planning a New Playspace - Where do I start?

Starting a brand new playground can be a daunting task, especially if it is not your full-time job, and there are a lot of things to focus on! The team at Timber Creations can guide you through the process, but below are a few things to think about when getting started.

1. Budget

How much can you spend? As with most things, it is good to know where you stand in terms of finance. Playgrounds have many expenses that are often overlooked, such as softfall requirements, safety reports, etc. It is best to keep your budget conservative and work back from there.

Sometimes you are asked to create a proposal that will be funded based on the quotes you collect - but if possible, it is best to at least get a ballpark figure to begin with from those in charge of spending. Otherwise you could end up in the wrong place completely, and miss out on the best quality playspace!

Knowing your budget can help you decide the scope of the work. Do I want an architecturally designed space, a few small items to put where I like, or something in between, like a suggested package from the equipment supplier? Break down what you want to achieve, and be realistic with your budget.

2. Purpose Who is going to use your playground? Is there a particular age-group, or is it a public playground that needs to cater for all abilities? Do you want it to be challenging or relaxing, passive or adventurous, or a mix of everything? If you think about these questions early on - who will play and what they will do, it will give you a firm focus and reference point throughout your planning. Your playground will be well loved, because the users are the main consideration and you will ensure there is plenty to do!

What is your playground for? Is it for children, families, or everyone? Does it tell a story about your town or school? Is there a theme? Will it attract people from far away, or is it a relaxing spot for locals? Will it be iconic?Sometimes these ideas are subconscious during the planning phase, but knowing exactly what you want out of your playground from the beginning can ensure it turns out just the way you pictured! Creating a theme or including an icon from your city can give people a sense of community, and intrigue people from other places. What will your playground represent?

3. Timeline When will my playground open? This is normally a straight forward question, most people have an idea of when they would like their project complete. However, it is important to be realistic with your timeline - planning an incredible space takes time! If you are opting for plastic assembly line equipment, it often takes time to be formed or shipped in from overseas. With locally made elements like Timber Creations natural Australian timber play pieces, they have to be carefully handmade to suit your requirements. Plan ahead and make sure you have ordered your playground equipment before any landscaping or earthworks that may need doing, so the equipment is ready to go when you are. Timber Creations play elements usually need about 4 weeks to create - these are custom handmade artworks! Plan out everything you will need for your playground, the order it will need to go in, and how long it will take. Your suppliers can help you with this! Make sure you playground surfacing is going in last, so it is undisturbed and neat at the end.

To begin planning a beautiful Australian playground, contact Timber Creations and let us know your initial thoughts! We will guide you through and make sure your playground is the best it can be.


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